Living our dream and using our wisdom to contribute to the growth and health of community leadership, living the principles of humanity through Ubuntu. (Ubuntu Coaching Foundation is a registered NPC.)


Responding with our range of expertise and experience to the call of our Africa!
Supporting Entrepreneurs and talent.
Developing deep level awareness, consciousness and health for grassroots leadership.
Engaging with corporates to catalyse their CSI.
Experience Ubuntu through its highest expression - that "we are because others/through our relationship and connection to and with others" is the key driver for all our work.
Living our passion for humanity as whole, as part of community, and core to organisational life, is reflected in our commitment.
Access to an Integral community of decision makers and influencers at many levels and many spheres of society.
Conscious purpose - to live that which we teach!
Leadership development and organisational learning is at the core of what we do:
To engage with communities | To develop possibilities | To lead transformation

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