A legacy-rich, premier coaching school, providing a spectrum of certified coaching programmes to develop coaches and coaching leaders of the highest calibre, who are able to impact into any field of human activity.


Deep immersion of Wilber's powerful Map of Human Development through the Integral Practice™ of coaching.
Grow through deep personal transformation, finely tuned course work, supervision and the unique TCC Developmentor process.
Develop coaching &leadership competencies &integral capacities across multiple fields of application, from business to health to education to community.
Work with a faculty who are both locally and internationally skilled, expert and relevant as leaders in their field
Join the growing global community of integral thinkers and practitioners for the 21st Century and be able to work the full spectrum map of human development.
Become part of the thriving community of TCC coaches, with decades of wisdom as pioneers & standard-bearers of coaching together with our global partners.
You will be supported by our very own Integral Supervision© Process.
You will have access to a validation route towards a Master’s Degree at Middlesex University
You will have access to professional accreditation with ICF and COMENSA.
Access to pathways to ongoing development into Integral theory and practice.

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