On my personal journey of transformational change, whether self-induced change by choice or imposed change, the pattern has been consistent – tough and uncomfortable in the beginning, messy in the middle and amazing at the end!

At the beginning of 2014, I embarked on my second year in the role of Vice President, Africa Customer Organisation, in a large global listed entity. This followed 17 years of corporate experience within the same organisation and across five acquisitions. The experience culminated in a deep fascination for human beings; not only had I developed a thirst to better understand the essence of our humanness and "what makes us tick", I had become deeply curious about the impact of our interaction with the world, others and ourselves.

So, in my quest to quench this thirst, I enrolled with The Coaching Centre (TCC) and embarked on the Diploma in Integral Practitioner Coaching, an ICF Accredited Coach Training Programme, with the intent of applying my learnings to become a better leader.

My learning experience of TCCs Integral+ Practice of Coaching© far exceeded my expectations and I gained so much more than I had planned for or anticipated!

The most profound aspect of this learning experience was that I learned about me and what makes me tick! In being coached as part of the coach training programme, I learned the value and impact of the frequency and quality of coaching in an organisation and I learned that it enabled me and my team to move more rapidly towards achieving our business objectives and desired outcomes.

The Diploma in Integral Practitioner Coaching was an amazing and unexpected exercise in challenging my own limiting beliefs and assumptions, which in turn has shaped my internal core values and impacted my leadership behaviour.

Not only was I stretched, challenged and expanded, I in turn coached my team to expand and unleash their full potential, to take the leap of faith in themselves and fly.

My life's work now is to integrate reflection and introspection with the way I outwardly engage to impact the outcome. My continuous practice is to consciously choose to consider multiple perspectives in any given situation; regardless of the level of complexity, to form a holistic and integrated view; and to in turn make informed decisions and expand my capacity as a leader to encourage diverse and expanded thinking in all engagements, across all systems, while encouraging innovation.

I cannot underestimate the benefits and contribution of coaching as a profession in transformational learning and leadership development. Coaching conversations within the workplace bring authenticity, meaning and purpose, culminating in greater happiness and satisfaction and, as a direct and natural output, greater productivity and delivery.