About 18 month ago, in collaboration with one of our Senior Affiliates, Gavin Coetzee, and other TCC associates, The Coaching Centre embarked on an exciting journey with a client in the financial industry.

The leaders of this business had a dream to create sustainable change in their business through the creation of a 'coaching culture'. They believed that investing in the development of their people would yield the (sustainable) results they were looking for as a business. Their vision included some key objectives, which involved the following: shifting the culture of the organisation into one where there is more focus on gaining buy-in from people; a longer term strategic focus; and an investment in growing competence in individuals. They requested (almost demanded) a focus on neuro-science in the coaching methodology and we believe that a change in mindsets has come about.

We embarked on this exciting journey with the organisation, where 11 individuals from the business signed up for the programme. Amongst them were executives and senior sales leaders in the business. A group of dedicated and enthusiastic TCC coaches supported our clients with passion and purpose; guiding them through TCCs Integral+ methodology towards some meaningful and sustainable changes.

While not always easy, the journey has been a meaningful and impactful one for the business. Last month, after having engaged our coaching clients for over a year of coaching and leadership development, it was time to reflect, and we were privileged to meet with the Executive Steering Committee to talk through the process and their experiences, to focus on the learning, and for them to share feedback with their colleagues about the observable changes in behaviour as a result of the coaching.

We are delighted to share some of this feedback with you:

  • The CEO received a huge appreciation from others for his focus on partnerships, being approachable and putting people right at the centre of the business agenda; for dedicated time for feedback conversations and people development.
  • The COO received feedback that he is more open to conversation, engaging others and collaborative in his approach, and as a result, less intimidating. By understanding his personality better, he knew what impact he had on others and could change his behaviour to be more open and inclusive.
  • One Sales Executive was seen as being calmer; not going back to old behaviours when under pressure and in his interactions, thinking more rationally. He was also more supportive of leaders in the sales environment; with less emphasis on driving sales targets and more focus on relationships, being supportive and caring towards people.
  • Another Sales Executive in the business was complimented on hugely improving her listening skills with the desire to understand what others were saying and being much more approachable and willing to collaborate and support others. Others appreciated her empathy and deep commitment and passion for the business.
  • An Executive in Support Services was beaming with pride when her CEO complimented her for being a strategic business partner – unbeknownst to him, that was one of her coaching objectives. She has also played a significant partnering role in other aspects of the business and all her colleagues were hugely appreciative of that.

In addition to this feedback there were other successes to be noted by coachees on the programme during their coaching programmes:

  • The head of a sales business unit who received an overseas travel award achieved the highest growth in sales and exceeded income targets for 2016.
  • A sales executive received the CEO award at a gala event recently – an award she had hoped for two years ago and has continued to strive for.
  • A Regional Head will soon be promoted and will be receiving a further set of Regional Managers under his control.
  • A Provincial Manager was given a further 15 % of national production to take care of.
  • The Head of sales now chairs a Strategic Committee – an award for greater leadership responsibility.

At the end of the process, the CEO commented,

"I'm super chuffed that we made this decision to invest in the growth of people. It is one of the best investments we've made".

What is truly spectacular is that this client started the first few months of their financial year with very significant deficits on their sales targets as a result of a very difficult market within which they operate. Through their new approach they managed to still achieve their sales targets for the end of their financial year by engaging their people and pulling together as a strong functioning team.

The success they are having through courageous conversations is so evident that the non-performers or folk who show up not displaying the coached behaviours is addressed very promptly and constructively.

For us, we know we are impacting significantly when a client extends their programme with us to more people in their business. We are proud to say that Phase 2 of the programme has been launched earlier this year, where the coaching has been cascaded down to the next level of Sales Leaders within the business, to support these leaders in their growth and development and impacting on the sustainable growth of the business.

We believe in sustainable people, team and organisational development. When we receive feedback from a group of executives about the impact the coaching has made on their business, it is both a proud and humbling celebration for all of us who engage in such purposeful work with passion.

We are grateful to our dedicated team of coaches and support staff who created real value and impact for this client, and we are proud of our coaching clients who had the vision and the courage to engage in such powerful and transformative work on themselves and their business.